Rhizoom, a renovation support platform


Rhizoom, a renovation support platform

Rhizoom is a digital platform project whose main goal is to help residents of Brussels renovate their homes. The result of close collaboration between Atelier Moneo and Maison de Quartier Bonnevie in Molenbeek, the Rhizoom platform takes a bottom-up approach to renovation that places residents at the centre of process.

Renovation consultants can use the app to establish a roadmap for sustainable housing renovation that goes beyond structural specifications, and incorporates socio-economic factors such as comfort, usage and heritage.

The platform provides residents with different tools to gain a better understanding of their home, allowing them to track energy consumption, monitor maintenance requirements, find recommended renovation consultants and verify architectural quality. They can then make more suitable decisions in line with their situation and the characteristics of their home.  This easier access to information helps residents maintain a more central role in their renovation and stay in control.

But moving from theory to practice remains a major sticking point in the renovation process and an overwhelming transition for residents. To make the transition easier, a special platform has been to developed to link residents with renovation companies who are committed to incorporating the project’s objectives, namely the sustainable, quality and circular renovation of Brussels’ buildings.

Companies now have access to a fair public works contract market through which they can promote their skilled services.

The project ultimately aims to encourage the emergence of a sustainable renovation ecosystem that’s accessible to residents and fair for renovation companies. 

This project has been developed as part of the ‘Living Labs Brussels Retrofit’ FEDER project in collaboration with the private and academic sectors.

Project partners: Maison de quartier Bonnevie, Atelier Moneo, Kenniscentrum WWZ, KU Leuven, VUB

Further information: www.rhizoom.be

Capsule hub.brussels : https://vimeo.com/485408945

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