From a greenhouse to a observation tower

From a greenhouse to a observation tower

This summer, a strange creature landed on a wild embankment at Ferme Nos Pilifs.

Our first idea was to create a tower so people could watch the many birds that come to visit. The tower had to be horizontal to be accessible to everyone, but the basic idea remained the same: reuse the hoops from our old greenhouse, selectively disassembled.

Thanks to the future architects of La Cambre (ULB) and the work of our teams of (extra)-ordinary workers, our observation tower is now open to everyone. Come and see the birds, come for the enjoyment or “just” to gain some height and get closer to the clouds.

Of course, a greenhouse doesn’t “just” become a mirador. A stork platform, outdoor furniture, a carport in the garden centre and several other projects are under way (or being planned).

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