Drève du Duc 57-59, 1170 Watermael-Boitsfort, Belgique


+32 2 648 63 11

Atelier Moneo specialises in the renovation, conservation and restoration of historic buildings and sites. The workshop’s origins lie in a desire to “join up” the work of the architect and assert our cross-sectional vision of heritage. We aim to offer a space and a structure that foster collaboration between the various people involved in the preservation of historic buildings, by facilitating access to information and exchange between stakeholders.

We deliver this collaborative approach using new technologies (digitisation techniques using photogrammetry, digital models, management platforms, etc.), in order to develop specific tools for managing the vast amount of data produced and establish effective means of communication.

Moneo, the name of our studio, is also a reference to the ethos that guides us throughout this process. Our approach draws on meticulous observation of historical data and context, but ultimately looks to the future and contemporary social challenges. In terms of design, we are fully committed to our role as “authors” of the project and all of our work is unashamedly contemporary. This aspect of our work is reflected in our choice of strategies and technical solutions, which form part of a holistic and fundamentally sustainable approach. Viewed in this way, heritage becomes a space for innovation and conscious design.