Recleem – Circular finishings


Recleem – Circular finishings

The RECLEEM project is a BE.CIRCULAR award-winning project through which the socio-occupational integration organisation CASABLANCO implemented circular goals as part of a group housing project. Casablanco used Brussels clays from BC Materials – sourced from excavation sites in Brussels – to complete interior walls (about 500 m2), a rammed earth kitchen island wall and rammed earth floors, with a finished “terrazzo” look.

This pilot project was an excellent opportunity for the workers in the programme to receive training on clay plastering and rammed earth techniques. It also allowed the workers to learn about the circular approach on the worksite. 

The finished surfaces, highly appreciated by the occupants, showcase a great collaboration between Casablanco and BC Materials, one which will continue in the future on other worksites of this type using circular clays sourced in Brussels.

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