Avenue François Malherbe 42 1070 Bruxelles


+32 2 527 57 75

Casablanco’s mission is the socio-professional insertion of people excluded from the employment market and the improvement of the quality of life in the Brussels Region, primarily in underprivileged neighbourhoods.

As a social economy initiative in Brussels, Casablanco has been active, since its inception, in fields such as energy efficiency and the use of sustainable materials. Sustainable construction is an important industry for the audience Casablanco’s training programmes are geared to.

For several years now, Casablanco has tried to work exclusively with eco-friendly materials. In practice, this means the organisation offers its clients, primarily families with limited means, the option of using natural products which are respectful of people and the environment.

In addition, Casablanco invests a lot of time in training its employees on insulation and airtightness.