Avenue du Port 104, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgique


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BC Materials is a start-up and a spin-off from BC Architects. When we saw that no one in Belgium was working with the large volumes of soil excavated each year, we decided – in light of the outstanding properties of soil as a building material in terms of health and environmental sustainability – to produce it ourselves. We transform the soil from Belgian construction sites into clay coatings, compressed earth blocks, and rammed earth. These products are carbon-neutral, entirely circular, do not contribute to the depletion of Earth’s resources, and create the conditions for healthy indoor air. Our work is done at our production site in Brussels, but we can also work directly on construction sites thanks to our mobile, flexible production unit.

BC Materials currently sells 3 building products: clay coatings, compressed earth blocks, and rammed earth. We provide 3 types of services: consulting, workshops, and professional training. Our products are healthier, have outstanding sound insulation properties, and are entirely circular. Our territorial area currently covers the Benelux region, but we have also completed projects in France, Morocco, Georgia, etc. We are a B2B firm that works through our traditional sales channels of architects, contractors, and construction materials retailers, as well as with direct public and private business customers.