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The “Architecture et Climat” research group aims to offer and approve resilient, innovative solutions at the scale of buildings in response to today’s crises and challenges and those of the future. Through a people-centred approach, these solutions stand at the crossroads of different disciplines and themes working to achieve a transition toward a more comfortable, healthy, circular, and sustainable built environment.

Using an approach rooted in scientifically exacting standards and qualitative and quantitative research methods (experiments, observation, digital simulations, etc.), the projects conducted by Architecture et Climat aim to:

  • Define the buildings of tomorrow and support their design, construction, renovation, and management to improve their environmental and energy performance and the comfort and well-being of users.
  • Promote methods and strategies to foster the circular and sustainable management of buildings and resources (grey energy, materials, waste, water, etc.), by factoring in each of the environmental, social, and economic issues involved on different spatial and time scales.
  • Transfer knowledge (strategies, methods, tools, etc.) to construction practitioners, building and land management agencies, students, and the general public.

Our priority areas cover:

  • Environmental quality, comfort, and well-being
  • Environmental performance and parametric modelling
  • Sustainable and circular management of buildings and resources
  • Interior environment and energy efficiency