Rue Willebrord Van Perck 2, 1140 Evere, Belgique


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FHW architectes was founded in 2002. Our in-depth understanding of eco-construction is the keystone of our creativity.
FHW takes the energy performance of buildings, the integration of renewable energies, the sustainability of our natural and built heritage, analysis of the life cycle of materials, etc. into account from the design stage onward.

Our work reflects a pragmatic and considered approach which seeks to guarantee real environmental performance for our projects. A perfect mastery of project techniques and financial constraints is required to achieve the highest levels of performance. This mastery guarantees the credibility, exemplary nature and sustainability of our approach.

Today, acknowledgement of the gradual deterioration of the environment and of the current state of our society’s socio-economic, political and cultural system sets the direction for our work.

Environmental and energy concerns remain a major part of our creations as our focus shifts to the “&sens” (i.e., purpose) of our work as architects:

ensuring the well-being of people by providing urban and landscape added value and a positive impact for as many people as possible in a participative process and ongoing dialogue with the parties involved.

This altruistic approach to architecture is what brings our office together, and why “FHW” is now “&sens”.