PIXII – Plate-forme de connaissances sur la construction zéro énergie


Gitschotellei 138 2600 Berchem


+32 3 235 02 81

As a neutral scientific research body, Pixii (formerly Passiefhuis-Platform) supports construction sector players for innovation, information and networking, as well as on the worksite. The organisation brings together more than 200 key construction companies and, thanks to its active community of members, wants to encourage and motivate the industry to build passive and zero-energy buildings. Pixii provides advice and professional guidance to companies and individuals, collaborates with politicians and opinion leaders, bestows certificates to passive and zero-energy projects and organises events and special training sessions on eco-friendly and energy-efficient construction. The organisation is built around four key themes: passive and zero-energy construction, intelligent buildings, in-depth renovation and integrated design.


With respect to the transition towards a sustainable company, Pixii guides and encourages players in the construction sector to aim for most comfortable living and working spaces possible with the lowest energy use possible, while always keeping an eye on innovation and quality, and with passive home standards as the guiding principle throughout.

Pixii stands out in 5 areas:

  • Activities for members;
  • Maintaining quality;
  • Political activity;
  • Research and development;
  • Knowledge transfer.