Rue Royale 45, 1000 Brussels, Belgique


+32 2 210 03 40 (previously CDR Construction) is a response to the objectives set out in the Brussels Government’s Economy and Employment Plan. It aims to help align educational offerings with the needs of businesses by building bridges between Brussels firms and those involved in the jobs, training, and educational sectors.
The centre was created to bring together cutting-edge equipment and occupational training under one roof to serve the needs of:

  • Initial technical and occupational education for young people
  • Work-linked training
  • Training and occupational integration for jobseekers
  • Continuing education for employees and teachers.


Missions’s missions are to:

  • oversee cutting-edge educational to allow instructors to become more effective by putting specialised technological assets at their disposal
  • Promote promising career paths and training programmes in the construction industry
  • Conduct technical and professional aptitude tests (“screening”)
  • Monitor the latest technological developments and develop the technical and educational expertise needed to adapt educational offerings to shifts in the technological landscape and the needs of businesses.
  • Orient and support towards employment. has also become involved in the area of eco-construction. This component plays a key role in providing training and promoting environmentally friendly construction in the Greater Brussels area by, among other things, developing new training areas for jobseekers in Brussels.