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Brussels Environment : enacting change

Brussels Environment is the administration responsible for energy and the environment for the Brussels-Capital Region. Originally known as the IBGE (Brussels Institute for Environmental Management) when founded in 1989, this administration currently oversees 16 different areas of activity, from green space management to animal well-being.
Its ability to group all these activities under a single umbrella allows Brussels Environment to create synergies by dealing with them in a cross-cutting, non-segmented manner.

What does Brussels Environment do?
1) Awareness-raising, advice and support
Brussels Environment helps the people, companies and public institutions of Brussels to protect the environment and transition towards environmental and energy change.

2) Operational and environmental support
The administration contributes towards the development of nature through its planning and management of green spaces, nature reserves, forests and water courses.

3) Administrative function
– Legislating: prepares and draws up draft regulations
– Authorising: issues a number of administrative authorisations around energy and the environment
– Controlling: ensures compliance with environmental regulation

4) Collects environmental science data
The administration also maintains expertise and cutting-edge knowledge in its areas of activity, while monitoring, acquiring and managing scientific data, and reporting these data to different bodies.