Renovation of a Guillaume Tell façade


Renovation of a Guillaume Tell façade

The renovation of this house in Brussels highlights traditional regional building. Architect Quentin Blondeau and his partner Charlaine, the project owners, want the renovation to fully partake in the circular economy dynamic.

The wood frames have been stripped of lead paint by the project owner. They have been repaired and equipped with double-pane glass by the company Renover.

We are completing the restoration by sealing and applying stain, a choice made based on the advice of Rifflart & Co to protect the material and preserve its ability to transfer water vapour.

The moulding and putlog hole covers were treated the same way to highlight the moulding and protect them from the weather.

We are also cleaning and treating all of the ironwork to brighten it and increase its life span.

The brick facing and the coated mouldings were cleaned with a pressure washer. This technique was chosen to preserve the integrity of the brickwork.

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