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Technologies for precast infill walls, facade cladding of buildings and temperature-controlled environments

Summary: A small Italian company located in Trentino region (North-East Italy) offers the technology for the creation of the first warehouse kept at a constant temperature exclusively through renewable energy. The technology can be included into an industry for the process of ageing food or for logistic management. The temperature control system requires the construction of new generation walls and roofs. The company is looking for partners for a joint technical cooperation.

Reference: TOIT20210205001

Country: Italy

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Transparent Building Integrated Photovoltaic Glazing (BIPV)

Summary: An award-winning Cambridge (UK) based company develops and produces transparent photovoltaic glass and glazing solutions for applications in building curtain wall facades, skylights, balustrades, canopies and structures. Developers and users of thin film photovoltaics and construction methods are sought for technical co-operation or commercial agreements with technical assistance.

Reference: TOUK20210118003

Country: United Kingdom

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