Online Festival : To Spring with Oris

Days of Oris is an international architectural Festival organized by Oris House of Architecture from Croatia, in December 2020 they organized their first online Festival.

This year’s Oris Festival – To Spring with Oris – was held on March 18 and 19, 2021 and brought together 14 renowned architects and successful business women and 2 moderators.

The online Festival To Spring with Oris is organized as 14 lectures, each 20 minutes long, with live stream from Oris House of Architecture and interaction between speakers, viewers and sponsors on a professional event platform for virtual events.

– Anna Heringer
– Benedetta Tagliabue
– Vedrana Ergić
– Maruša Zorec
– Grafton Architects
– Tea Žakula
– Satoko Shinohara
– Anupama Kundoo
– Annekatrien Verdickt
– Elisa Valero Ramos
– Sofía von Ellrichshausen
– Tatiana Bilbao
– Elisa Ferreira
– Rossana Hu

MODERATORS: Mia Roth Čerina and Ida Križaj Leko

Discover Annekatrien Verdickt’s intervention in this video made possible thanks to’ support.