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A single, clear point of contact, strength through collaboration, expertise, knowledge, and advice: Volta powers the electrical engineering sector!

Volta is a joint industry organisation working on behalf of the companies and workers of joint labour sub-committee no. 149.01. Volta is led by labour partners (federations and unions) working in the sector. The federations are Eloya, FEE< Nelectra, and Techlink. The unions are ABVV-Metaal, ACV-CSC Metea, and MWB-FGTB.

Volta operates under a single unified name: Carrefour de l’électrotechnique (Crossroads of electrical engineering). Volta represents approximately 5,000 companies in Belgium for a total of nearly 36,000 workers.

Volta works to support its partners through training, advice, strategic surveys, evening conferences, additional compensation, etc.

What does Volta do?

Volta’s services are based on five pillars:

  • Volta Academy: training, evening conferences, workshops, informative conferences, etc.
  • Volta Benefits: additional compensation, end-of-year bonuses, training allowances, etc.
  • Volta Research: technological advice service, monitoring technological developments, research, (market) studies, regulations, etc.
  • Volta Education: teaching, internships, work-linked training, Electro Brain, etc.
  • Volta HR-connect: HR support and tools, outplacement, advice, etc.