UNAA_Urban Nation architects & associates


Chaussée de Waterloo 715/38, 1180 Uccle, Belgique


+32 478 29 23 67

Established in 2012, una|a is an architectural agency combining the skills of an experienced team of thirty or so architects, engineers and construction technicians. Its head office is based in the Brussels-Capital Region, and it has branches in Mons and Lyon.

Our interest extends as far as the diversity of uses in the built environment. We believe that all functions offer design opportunities and that relevant design brings added value to the project that makes users more grounded, committed and autonomous.

We advocate a meaningful architecture, the identity of which extends from the subtle to the demonstrative according to the function, the urban environment and the cultural context of the project.

Our team intervenes in fields as varied as the development of sustainable neighbourhoods and mixed-use urban centres, the restoration of listed buildings, the completion of apartment buildings, serviced residences, student homes, school facilities, childcare, hotel infrastructure or professional buildings.

All una|a’s projects have a unique history where sustainability is at the heart of the project. In terms of competence, the team can count on specific experience in producing sustainable buildings (HQE ® buildings, passive houses, low-energy buildings, certified passive, buildings winner Be.Circular 2019 & 2020).