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Shayp is a turnkey solution for automatic water leak detection, energy accounting and the management of water wastage.

Shayp increases the efficiency of water use in buildings thanks to real-time water flow analysis. Adapted to multi-residential, commercial and institutional buildings, our technology helps building and maintenance managers eliminate leaks and track water consumption remotely.

Our goal is to strengthen the offerings of construction companies, construction entrepreneurs and architects to make buildings more sustainable and free of leaks, for the benefit of residents. Two ingredients for a single innovative and non-intrusive solution:

  • A datalogger (POLY4) connects directly to the water meter (no wiring, no WiFi and no electrical outlet required) and collects data with high accuracy. Thanks to Shayp’s algorithmic intelligence, leaks and anomalies are detected reliably and in real time.
  • Software (2ZERO) which identifies consumption anomalies at a location immediately and alerts the department concerned. An SMS, email or in-application alert sends the user directly to a summary chart which can be viewed via mobile or desktop.

Offer your residents peace-of-mind as well as water and money savings:

  • 20% reduction on water bills
  • Decrease in water damage
  • Managers and residents have access to a simple, intuitive and easy-to-use application
  • Automatic leak detection and a rapid response
  • Quick and easy installation with immediate results