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PEFC is an international label which, when affixed to wood or wood-based products, such as paper or cardboard, guarantees the sustainable origin of the wood fibres they are made from. The label is managed by PEFC, an international non-profit NGO founded in 1999.

PEFC’s mission is to facilitate and promote the adoption of responsible choices to protect forests while ensuring the sustainability of forest resources to meet the wood needs of current generations without compromising those of future generations. By providing a guarantee of sustainable forest management, the PEFC label enables consumers to make an informed choice and companies and forestry managers to demonstrate their commitment.

The PEFC system is based on two complementary mechanisms: the certification of sustainable forest management and the certification of companies that process wood, in order to ensure the traceability of the material from forest to finished product. Only products from an uninterrupted chain from forest to processing and commercial companies obtain a PEFC certificate and can use the PEFC label. Inspections are carried out both in forests and at companies by independent certification organisations which are themselves audited by national accreditation bodies.

PEFC Belgium works with all of the players involved in making decisions related to forestry challenges to set strict criteria that enable socially just, environmentally responsible and economically viable forest management. This method takes into account the specificities of each country, the local population and national laws.