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Created in 1993, the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is the leading forest certification system in the world. Its objective is to promote responsible forest management, both locally and abroad, which respects mankind and nature, today and for future generations. Forests managed according to FSC principles and criteria can obtain FSC certification and the wood produced according to them can be sold on the market as FSC-certified wood. Only FSC-certified companies (that is, audited by independent bodies on the traceability of their FSC wood) can provide the guarantee that the FSC wood they sell is legitimately FSC-certified wood.

After more than 20 years in existence, FSC is the system which receives support from the largest environmental NGOs and involves the largest number of companies in the world, both in Europe and in Belgium.

The FSC Belgium non-profit is the Belgian branch of FSC International. Its actions aim, in particular, to raise awareness and inform all construction industry players and project owners (public and private) on how they can find and use FSC-certified wood in construction/renovation projects (local/exotic varieties, construction wood, wood panels, carpentry, wood fibre insulation materials, etc.).

FSC Belgium both develops and provides many tools to help (and assist, if necessary) every player in the use FSC wood/products for construction projects.

Directory of FSC-certified companies