FIV – Belgian Glass industry Federation


Boulevard de la Plaine, 5. 5°et. 1050 Bruxelles


+32 2 542 61 22

Since 1947, the Belgian Glass industry Federation (FIV) has brought together Belgian companies and manufacturers that produce and process glass: flat glass (construction and automotive), hollow glass (bottles, glasses, containers), and special glass types (fibreglass, foam glass, glass wool, solar, and lighting).

Under the name inDUfed, the FIV joined forces with two other federations in 2014, the Paper and Cardboard Processing Federation (FETRA) and the Paper Manufacturer’s Association (COBELPA).

The FIV is the official representative of the glass sector with regard to European, federal, regional, and local authorities, and takes part in a number of committees and working groups. For instance, it is active in the FEB, OVAM, VEA, CSTC, BCCA, de VAL-I-PAC, Cefoverre, BECI, etc. The FIV is also a member of the PMC, Renovate Belgium, and Wallonia’s CAP2020 cluster.

The FIV’s mission is to provide information and advice and to promote the glass industry through visits, publications, technical papers, brochures, etc.

Glass is a noble, sustainable, and constantly evolving material that is present in many forms in the buildings we live and work in: windows, insulation, doors, walls, stairs, furniture, mirrors, solar panels, etc.

Windows have several functions: heat insulation, solar gain, resistance to overheating, natural light, security, sound insulation, fire resistance, etc. Fibreglass and foam glass rank among the world’s most sustainable and effective insulation materials.