FEDUSTRIA – Belgian federation of the textile, wood and furniture industries


Allée Hof ter Vleest, 5. Bte 1 1070 Bruxelles


+32 2 528 58 34

Fedustria is a Belgian employer organisation for textile, timber and furniture manufacturers that represents 1,761 Belgian companies (mostly SMEs) which together directly employ over 37,315 people. The organisation turns over €9.6 billion per year, 70% of which comes from exports.

Fedustria is involved in eco-construction through the activity of certain of its members from the construction industry who use natural, sustainable materials (wood, flax, hemp, etc.) in their manufacturing processes (timber housing, wooden frames, etc.).
Fedustria is committed to promoting the environmental benefits of using organically sourced products. These products provide the most suitable response to challenges around climate change. In this context, wood construction and timber-based products have a clear role to play. But we underestimate the role that textile industry products will also play in eco-friendly construction, both in terms of structure and interior design.

Fedustria actively helps to promote wooden construction methods and timber-based products used in construction. The organisation also acts as a go-between for timber industry research (WOOD.BE) and training (Woodwize) centres – as well as for Centexbel – which help the eco-construction sector to progress and acquire new skills.