ECO-LOGIS MG SPRL – General Contractor


Drève de l’Aérodrome 3, 1082 Berchem-Sainte-Agathe, Belgique


+32 471 49 13 85

Eco-Logis Mg is a company that brings together different skilled trades to complete projects involving structural work, waterproofing, special techniques, and finishing work.

The company has more specific experience in the area of HVAC and heating (IBGE-CERGA-CEDICOL certification – Member of the ICS and ARGB) and sanitation, and has increasingly applied its skills to eco-construction and eco-renovation projects.

At each construction site, we try, to the greatest extent possible, to limit the use materials with a short- or long-term negative environmental impact and to offer environmentally friendly materials such as FSC wood for frames, recycled bricks, lime mortar, plaster, and natural insulation and coating materials, in addition to environmentally friendly paints.  We can install heating systems that slow carbon monoxide emissions.

By efficiently managing the delivery of materials to building sites, workers can travel primarily by public transport (within the Greater Brussels area), and, when this is not possible, a shuttle service is organised from a central drop-off point, allowing workers to be transported to the building site(s) in a single vehicle.

Since 2010, we have, with few exceptions, solely accepted projects whose energy standards feature, at a minimum, a sustainable approach.
Aware of our responsibility as builders, we see our customers as partners and advise them throughout the process, from start to finish.
Our commitment to sustainable building goes beyond the issue of energy savings.  We see it as essential to build in the service of humanity and human activity, so as to adapt to changes in the fabric of society.