Rue du Progrès 80/4, 1030 Schaerbeek, Belgique

BUUR is a multi-disciplinary team made up of city planners, architectural engineers, landscape architects, planners and mobility experts who are all passionate about their professions.

By offering innovative solutions and visions, BUUR aims to contribute to the creation of a high-quality lifestyle. These solutions include the creation of sustainable urban development and finding answers to the complex social problems which affect our lives. We work to create dynamic, healthy cities which are transitioning to a circular economy. We create high-quality locations which are adapted to a multicultural society. We design integrated ecosystems and develop versatile (transitional) networks.

City planning projects require cooperation and involve many parties, as well as the optimal use of resources and means. We take on the role of both designer and relationship-builder. We take an integrated approach which is focused on process and promoting problem-solving and strategic thinking. We design most of our projects as catalysts for partnerships and cooperative frameworks which can lead to new value chains. These chains create the conditions needed to kick-start and support urban growth.