Avenue de la Couronne 212, 1050 Ixelles, Belgique


+32 2 644 01 44

Founded in 2011 by Cédric Callewaert and François Vliebergh, AUXAU brings together a team of meticulous architects who are motivated to participate, with wisdom and simplicity, in the development of  high-quality sustainable projects.

The studio’s architectural practice is inspired by the concept of “filling in the blanks”. The idea is that each project will fill in open blanks to meet needs, in perfect balance with the existing context and based on the leitmotiv of reuse and recycling what can be preserved.

AUXAU designs both small- and large-scale projects. We refresh our approach to construction daily as we develop a relationship of trust with the project owner.

Our goal is to provide architecture invigorated by the pleasure of creating warm spaces for everyone, imprinted with poetry and fragments of personal histories, creating a unique project which can be embraced immediately.

The name “AUXAU” borrows from the famous OXO stock cube, which, as a flavour enhancer, does not modify tastes but increases their intensity. AUXAU is also a game, like a brain teaser, in which the wishes of the project owner and natural, ecological, city planning, technical and philosophical constraints inform our overall thought process, leading to a coherent result.