Avenue Edmond Parmentier 52, 1150 Woluwe-Saint-Pierre, Bruxelles, Belgique


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Atelier Espace Architectural was created by 4 independent architects that formed a partnership. The firm has a creative approach when it comes to architecture, which takes into account urbanistic, environmental, participative and bioclimatic aspects, and therefore considers the building in line with its environment.

Marc Somers is an architect and interior designer, who specialises in the development of eco-buildings, including energy self-sufficiency – Zero Energy. His training in High Environmental Quality buildings (HQE) and his willingness to integrate renewable energies and to use local and healthy materials, has enabled him to gain experience in bio-architecture and knowledge of the issues and difficulties associated with the environmental approach. Specialised in eco-friendly urban planning, sustainable, participative and civil architecture form an integral part of his projects.