Avenue Wielemans Ceuppens 45, 1190 Forest, Bruxelles, Belgique


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Our company consists of architects, structural engineers and interior designers. A mix of generations and skills provides energy, a social and temporal match, as well as the experience required to handle complex projects and the challenges facing our society.

Aware of our responsibility as builders, we carefully monitor the resources used by our projects. We recognise the value of existing structures and prioritise projects to ensure that we don’t sacrifice anything for the sake of speed, but work for the long-term.

Our projects take into account overall resource management including the use of land, water/soil permeability, the use of raw materials in building materials and potential energy savings thanks to insulation and building techniques. We build and renovate in consequence based on our knowledge of environmentally-friendly, low-energy and passive construction methods.

Our concern is to ensure that we practice sustainable architecture which goes beyond energy use. As a result, we believe that it is essential to develop architecture with people and their activities in mind and the ability to adapt to the social fabric. Our analytical abilities and technical expertise take their cue from the aspirations of users. Our approach is based on our ongoing discovery of human factors, respect for place, the region and the organisation of the city. It enables us to develop projects and create effective, high-quality spaces which are respectful of the environment.