Rue Jean Benaets 63, 1180 Uccle, Belgique


+32 2 346 31 37

Under the leadership of the architect Christian Bayet, Ariade Architectes SPRL has demonstrated its expertise in Brussels and Wallonia for over 20 years.

Today, the company is composed of the architectural firm Ariade Architects and Ariade Carbone, a consulting firm specialised in energy and environmental performance, both of which share the goal of contributing to the construction of sustainable buildings with outstanding energy and environmental performance. The firm boasts long-running experience on projects of all sizes, both residential and industrial, from single-family homes to large real-estate development projects, from public procurement projects for social housing to industrial complexes.

Today, the firm has become known for its extremely demanding projects, from exceedingly low-energy construction to passive building design, integrating the most strenuous standards for environmentally friendly building. Its expertise has earned it recognition from a number of organisations:

  • certified as a “Passive Building Expert” by the PMP
  • selected as experts in the technical and financial assessment of Exemplary Buildings in the Brussels-Capital Region
  • nominated for several passive, Zero Energy, and even negative energy projects for several buildings

Ariade’s expertise allows it to provide support to designers and customers by combining reflection on energy and environmental performance of building envelopes with recommendations on the optimisation of systems and technologies that render it possible to achieve overall performance targets in a rational and financially optimised way.