Boulevard du Jubilé 79, 1080 Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, Bruxelles, Belgique

ARCHITECTUURPLATFORM seeks to set itself apart with intelligent, innovative and sustainable architecture that meets associated requirements (setting, programme, budget, vision, integration, etc.). A preliminary study is of crucial importance in this context.

The angle of approach varies from one project to another based on the unique characteristics of the market. This often results in buildings and concepts which differ greatly from each other. Our architecture is not based on restrictive rules, nor on a formal “house style”. There is also no bias regarding the materials used, even though there are recurring themes: structural rectitude, spatial quality, sustainability, logical construction, optimisation of the functional organisation, proportions, architectural promenade, clarity of design, use of “honest” materials, attention to details, integration of innovative techniques and materials, etc.

ARCHITECTUURPLATFORM assigns as much importance to technical development as to perfecting exciting and innovative concepts. Projects are crafted with significant care and expertise. The collaboration between our partners, who each have their speciality, and suitable external partners is key in this respect. Design firms with the same concern for high-quality architecture are involved in the projects from an early stage. ARCHITECTUURPLATFORM has established a network of specialists (stability, building services, sustainability, acoustics and landscaping) and collaborates intensively with them. The interaction provides added value.