Boulevard du Souverain 360, 1160 Auderghem, Bruxelles, Belgique

Based in Brussels and in Leuven, archipelago brings together more than 120 inspired and inspirational employees from varied and complementary backgrounds. Active in national and international projects, we develop bespoke and integrated solutions, from the conception of a project to its completion.


We put sustainable development and the end-user experience at the heart of all of our concepts. That’s why, as part of a pragmatic approach, we always ensure a good balance between proven technical expertise and innovation, to design high-quality spaces and create an optimal environment. Our ideas and our vision are refined and developed through interaction with others. Our international collaborations and the minds of our foreign partners are a great source of intellectual enrichment and inspiration for our team. For the client and the user, we develop contextual architecture which is pleasant to live in and designed to respond to current needs and future changes. The archipelago approach is based on four pillars: planning, experience and the sustainability and affordability of the project.


How can we contribute to sustainable cities and communities? How can we promote equality for all? How can we support quality education? How can we contribute to peoples’ health and well-being? In other words, how can we help achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?
As architects, we accept the challenge and assume our responsibility in answering these pressing questions to guarantee a contextual and evolving architecture for current and future generations.
R for Research and I for Innovation. Inside archipelago, we have built a multidisciplinary and multicultural group of researchers and innovators from a variety of paths. These people share a creative and scientific spirit in one or more fields which contribute to our contextual architecture.
The R&I team aims to deepen our knowledge and explore each pillar – planning, experience, sustainability and affordability of the project – in depth, and to share our knowledge with our clients and staff.