Rue Frans Van Cutsem 11, 1140 Evere, Belgique


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Air Cube is specialised in Controlled Mechanical Ventilation and offers a broad, comprehensive range of standard and custom services:

  • Consulting (auditing, assessments, advice)
  • Measurement (air quality and flow rate, airtightness checks, etc.) and system setup and adjustment
  • Planning (sizing, specifications, etc.) and site supervision
  • Installation of systems with high performance (balanced with excellent airtightness), exceptional quality (sanitation, comfort, acoustics, aesthetics), and numerous options (batteries, sensors, electrostatic/activated carbon filtration, etc.)
  • Customer service and maintenance

Air Cube is involved in the following fields:

  • Private & Public
  • Renovation & New Construction
  • Housing & Commercial, Industrial, Medical & Pharmaceutical

With a service-oriented approach and a clear, simple message, Air Cube is committed to providing optimised solutions to assist its customers with their choices and help them make their building as sustainable, healthy, comfortable, and energy efficient as possible.

We take pleasure in helping you reduce your ecological footprint and add value to your building, and we are proud to contribute to your efforts to improve the well-being of its occupants. We hope, in this way, to work toward the sustainable development of our society.

Some examples of work carried out:

  • “Échappée” grouped settlement (19 plots)
  • Numerous renovations and buildings in the form of high-standing apartments, houses and villas
  • “L’Eau Chaude” vegetarian canteen and cooperative
  • Firms (Record Bank, Fraternité de la Vie Commune ASBL, Brouae SRL, etc.)
  • Ambiance Sticker (Sticker printing company)
  • Medical room, endoscopy, etc. CHU Tivoli