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1080 Brussel
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Beschrijving van de activiteit :

« Le propre de tout être devenu Humain est sa conscience de l’Autre. »

Like any creative act, architecture requires an ethic, a responsible commitment to the community:
«  The essence of becoming Human is the consciousness of the Other. »

And our environment, staging our engaged interactions, is mutating: both literally and figuratively.

Indeed, half of the Earth’s inhabitants lives in urban settings today, yet so far we cannot offer a credible solution to the sheer scale of the situation. It is therefore paramount that our think modes integrate this context to its full extent… and in doing so address the diverse echelons wherein architect and urban planner work hand in hand: thus a city becomes a collective body of work in which our fundamental human right to live together with dignity notwithstanding our differences is upheld, where rules are necessary but do not constitute a guaranty of success, and where we are once again put face to face with real people and their real capacity for creating real things… for getting things done.

architectesassoc+ wishes to accompany this evolution, with the aim of contributing pragmatically and without sectarianism to a sustainable environment in all its aspects. The studio thus aims at a generous, altruistic reflection at the service of present and future generations : issues such as positive social impact and circular economy resonating in the projects developped.

This is reflected in the team’s broad outlook, essentially tapping into the wealth of exchanges encouraged between all players throughout the construction process… and equally, into each actor’s respective competencies.

The studio is composed of professionals who employ their talents and skills to bring to life novel, flexible, concrete visions in architecture, based on their hands-on experience. Synergies and collaborations with other essential players of the building process (engineers, builders, urbanists, scenographers, artists, photographers, …) are encouraged to prosper thereby embracing the complexity and ambiguity of today’s society.

Referenties :

Bureaus : 

  • Elia, Léon Monnoyerkaai 3, 1000 brussel
  • Aéropolis, 5 Britsierslaan, 1030 brussel 
  • Belliard, Belliardlaan, 1000 brussel
  • Maisin Centrum, Handelsstraat, 1000 brussel, …

Woningen :

  • Ernotte, Bosvoordsesteenweg, 1050 brussel
  • Empereur, Keizerslaan, 1000 brussel
  • Godecharle, Godecharlestraat, 1050 brussel

Installaties :

  • Nationale Schouwburg, Emile Jacqmainlaan, 1000 brussel
  • Greenbizz, Dieudonné Lefèvrestraat, 1020 brussel

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