European industry week 2019 : open your doors !



Last September 2018 Enterprise Europe Brussels announced in an article a « save the date » for European Industry Week 2019. READ HERE.

Now the EC announces that around this key event,  a series of initiatives will give a brand new local dimension to the debate

Actually for the next edition of the European industry week, the Commission would like to engage with a wider audience. To reach this purpose, a number of open doors events in industrial companies and factories all over Europe are expected to take place.

Wide visitors audience, especially young people, will learn about business and manufacturing processes, research & development and job opportunities.

What’s in for you in organising an open doors event ?

This is an opportunity for Brussels-based companies to take part in a wider European initiative.

By opening its doors, your company can:

  • share how its business contributes to the local community and the economy
  • help people discover  and understand the positive aspects of working in the industrial sector
  • spread the word about the importance of industry for Europe

Companies of various sizes, as well as factories active in diverse industrial areas, are encouraged to participate in this initiative.

The ONLY requirement is to organise activities that introduce participants to modern manufacturing or research techniques.

How does it work ? 

Businesses, factories and organisations from any industrial sector or the research and innovation community are invited to open their doors to visitors for a one-day event in January, February or March 2019.

Events will be labelled as European Industry Week events and will be widely promoted online.

Who should organise an open doors event ?

Open doors event can be organised by peopel who : 

  • own or work at a small or medium-sized business in an industrial sector
  • manage a production plant or factory
  • are involved with research and development activities

What to do during an open doors event?

Here below some suggestions of activities that can be organised at an open doors event:

  • Plant tours
  • Business presentations
  • Job and educational fairs
  • Community events organised in partnership with other businesses
  • Celebrations with roundtable discussions involving community and business leaders

How to apply

To organise an open doors event during the European Industry Week 2019, apply HERE

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