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Interior and exterior doors with moulding


" Interior and exterior doors with moulding "


1. Quadruple door with moulding for a medical office

The project consisted in the exact reproduction of a quadruple door. The request was made by an architect for a medical office.

The two exterior doors are fixed and the two inner doors open.

We used an existing door as a model to make sure that the new one would be as similar as possible.

Once the door was finished in our workshop. and before painting, we first installed it at the customer's to ensure that everything fit properly. We then took it apart and sent to an expert painter for the patina.

The result was remarkable. The quadruple door is about 2.50m wide by 3.25m high.  


2. Garage door with moulding

This project consisted in replacing a garage door.

The main challenge of this project was to make an oversized door that could be opened electrically in one go. We had to build a solid frame while maintaining a suitable weight. The door weighs 155kg and is about 3.60m wide by 2.60m high.

The door is insulated and the frame is enclosed with panels with moulding on the outside.

The size of the door was such that we had to use an expert painter to do the finishing. It took five people to move the door because of its weight and size.

The last challenge was to install it without damaging the paint and keeping masks on at all times, a COVID-19 requirement. 


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