Rue de Soignies 13, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgique


+32 2 514 33 98

WinWatt is a services company which provides turnkey photovoltaic solar installations throughout Belgium. The panels are made in Europe and selected based on strict quality criteria.

WinWatt’s offering includes sizing and shade studies, roof bearing capacity and strength studies as well as simulations to ensure optimal installation performance. If required, WinWatt will work with a building services engineering firm to ensure the structural soundness of the roof. All administrative procedures are handled, including urban planning permits, when required, and all requests for allowances and tax reductions.

In addition, other complementary services are available to customers. For example, monthly productivity tracking enabling verification of the performance of the installation and simplification of the management of the energy produced, as well as the handling of green certificates.

WinWatt also provides financing solutions including the prefinancing of allowances and payment over five years.