PMP – Plate-forme Maison Passive ASBL


Parc Scientifique Créalys - Rue Saucin 70 5032 Gembloux


+32 71 96 03 20

pmp aims to encourage the creation of buildings with very low energy requirements based on the passive house concept.  With passive home construction is in full expansion, pmp intends to be the guarantor of the concept’s quality.

In practice, pmp disseminates information (website, newsletter, books, PHPP programme, etc.), offers free guidance for tangible projects, organises frequent training for professionals, certifies passive buildings (certification provides the right to tax reductions), inventories passive homes in French-speaking Belgium, organises day visits to passive buildings and creates events to raise the awareness of the general public (ICE challenge, for example).

pmp contributes to the definition of building energy standards.  To achieve this, it undertakes cutting-edge research (service industry, life-cycle analysis, etc.) and the necessary lobbying actions.