CSTC – Centre Scientifique et Technique de la Construction


Rue du Lombard 42 1000 Bruxelles


+32 2 502 66 90

The Scientific and Technical Construction Centre (CSTC) is a private research institute which was founded in 1959 pursuant to the De Groote decree-law. It was founded by and for the sector. The CSTC’s employees support construction professionals in their daily work. The connection with practical experience is key in this respect.

As an applied research centre, the CSTC aims to promote innovation and improve the competitiveness of the sector. As such, the centre pursues the following missions to benefit its members:
• Develop: carry out pre-normative and innovative scientific research and techniques to benefit its members
• Inform: distribute the results of research to members and provide them with technical and organisational support
• Innovate: contribute to the innovation and development of the sector, in particular by carrying out research under contract upon request from the sector and public bodies.

It’s within this framework that, in 2006, the technology guidance “C-Tech” was established, upon request of the Brussels-Capital Region, via an Innoviris subsidy and in direct partnership with the Confédération Construction Bruxelles-Capitale (CCB-C).

The free “C-Tech” service is for all professional players in the Brussels construction sector. Its goal is to increase the general level of skill and knowledge of the construction sector in Brussels, and to encourage and support you – as construction professionals – to bring your innovative ideas to fruition, and thereby place the construction sector on the path towards a more sustainable, more efficient, quicker and greener industry.