BATICREA – Une coopérative de Job Yourself


Rue d'Alost 7-11 1000 Bruxelles


+32 2 256 20 74

+32 477 85 23 50

Baticrea provides assistance with consultation, coaching and administrative support to new entrepreneurs in the creation of their own business.

Baticrea focuses on eco-construction. It informs and encourages entrepreneur candidates to pay attention to environmental aspects and to train in eco-construction techniques.

In practice, Baticrea offers every one of its new entrepreneurs the human, technical and logistical means they need to develop their project:

  • A coach, one-on-one or in group sessions.
  • A team of accounting and management experts.
  • Networking with other trade organisations and suppliers.

With this framework, Baticrea aims to help the builders of tomorrow create their own businesses via various complementary approaches:

  • Create a framework which promotes the launch of their artisan construction activity.
  • Guide their business line towards an eco-friendly and community-oriented vision.
  • Develop a vision, a strategy, independence and management tools that ensure a long-lasting business.
  • Help partners network.

After completing their coaching at Baticrea, entrepreneurs who launch their own business will have acquired:

  • A precise understanding of their customer base.
  • A work methodology.
  • Responsive management tools.
  • A network of supportive partners.
  • Orders, a market and a commercial strategy.
  • Financial means.
  • Knowledge and expertise.

In proportion to their personal investment, they will have acquired the skills, independence and confidence they need to succeed at the professional project they are passionate about.