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Architecture professional associations have undergone a thorough reorganisation in recent years. One of the objectives was to keep pace with changes within the political and administrative organisations in the country and, in particular, the transfer of the profession’s skills to the regions.

In 2009, all of the architecture professional and city planning associations active in the Brussels-Capital Region – UPA, SAdBR, SCAB, G30, BUA, Femmes Architectes and CUB – chose to unify their efforts under a new umbrella organisation that would advocate for them before the Brussels-Capital Region authorities.

ARiB (Architects in Brussels) was born. It is currently a part of the FAB (Fédération des Sociétés d’Architectes de Belgique) alongside the UWA (Union Wallone des Architectes) and the BVA (Bond van Vlaamse Architecten).

With this new organisation, architects have the connections they need both at the Federal, EU and International levels – FAB – and at the level of the tri-regional authorities – UWA, ARiB, BVA – to express their needs and help improve their professional practice.

The goals and actions of ARiB are structured around 4 key themes:

Informing, Training, Promoting, and Supporting professional interests.