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  • Marchés privés ;
  • Marchés publics ;
  • Rénovation ;
  • Nouvelle construction ;
  • Logements collectifs - Tertiaire ;
  • Résidentiel - Maisons unifamiliales ;
  • Autre : Equipements publics

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APa is a young architectural workshop, inspired by minimalist ideals, clean lines and a durable design. Apa offers a wide range of services related to architecture and design and offers a personalized approach for each project, adapted to the needs and context and executed in a responsible way. The belief that architecture has the ability to push the boundaries of innovation and influence people's lives is both motivational and unique challenges with each scenario. In any case, a delicate balance should be found. The architecture must be respectful of the context and integrated into its local culture. Each project is the result of a thorough research and tries to push the boundaries of design and thought, is guided by the purity of forms and attention to detail while offering quality spaces. Sustainability is paramount in the development of a project, creating a better framework for users, minimizing the impact on the environment and reducing the cost of maintenance over time. "If something is worth doing, it is worth doing it well.” 

References :

  • M&E’s Residence
  • A&A’s Apartment
  • RU’s Residence
  • L&O’s House Renovation
  • M&O’s Residence
  • M&J’s House Renovation & Extension

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