ecobuild.brussels aims to stimulate and support its members throughout the innovation process. The cluster has defined three major action areas to meet its goal:

  1. Awareness-raising and information meetings with presentations by technical experts and project leaders.
  2. The creation of working groups to promote collaboration and knowledge sharing among members. The topics identified provide levers to achieve sustainable and circular construction goals.
  3. The option for members to benefit from the support of experts. The experts’ mission is to assist companies that want to organise and successfully implement an innovation process within the company.

The need for companies to innovate is undeniable given the growing complexity of projects and increasing competition. Failing to innovate means refusing to meet customer requirements and to embrace standards imposed by the transition to a systemic regenerative circular economy.
Innovation doesn’t come easily. It is a dynamic process which evolves according to needs and continuously creates uncertainty and new challenges. It requires challenging oneself, managing uncertainty and being creative.

Innovation does not happen alone. The process must always be participative. By listening to customers, observing competitors and learning from colleagues. Why not get started with the members of the cluster?

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